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Codtra Informatics Solutions and Consultancy Inc. is a member of Coopera Group of Companies

We add intelligence

to your business processes


Integrated Business Process Modelling

With our consultants expertised in Six Sigma Lean Management approach, we offer a comprehensive consulting service covering;

- Detailed analysis of all your business processes in order to increase the efficiency of your company;

- Determination of critical success factors,

- Determination of risk factors,

- Elimination of the constraints that affect the success of your processes;

- Balance Scorecard performance reporting

Integrated Business Process Automation

We provide standardization and automation of your business processes in order to improve your performance and to provide cost savings; We use eBA platform with drag and drop technology, including process design, automation, SAP, Axapta, Oracle  ERP systems, integration with corporate portals, enterprise memory formation, paperless green office and electronic document management, services installation, including training, operation and maintenance activities.

We analyze your processes in detail and associate them with conceptual data such as regulation, market dynamics, and business standards. Within the framework of the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 and the Public Financial Management and Control Laws numbered 5018; we provide a comprehensive consultancy service that includes Data Security Strategy and Policies, Personal Data Processing Inventory / Data Matrix, Strategic Planning, Internal Control, Preparation of Enterprise Risk Map, process control points and action plans.

Governance Risk Compliance
GRC Management



As a member of Coopera Group of Companies, Codtra Informatics Solutions and Consultancy Inc. is a Data Solution and Intelligent BPM System Provider; enabling companies to drive their own business with accurate, unified and consistent data for effective decision-making.

Our end to end data processing services assist worldwide companies conform to their customers' expectations while at the same time maintaining profitability. 

In line with the know-how imported from United States, with our in-house products, frameworks and platforms we are able to deliver on-demand, end to end data driven intelligent process solutions including consulting, concepts, specifications, design, development, test and implementation in our own or client’s data center.


We integrate the leading BİMSER solutions into your organization   in order to secure your success


* Based on the references of the affiliate company; CodeN Inc.  


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Codtra Informatics Solutions and Consultancy Inc. 

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"Botingtech" offers end-to-end integrated, artificial intelligence-supported BOT interface solutions at all touch points where complex business processes touch company employees, stakeholders and customers.

Call  and let us analyze your business processes and develop the best solution for you. We are ready to present all of the strategic planning, analysis, development, installation, training, operation and maintenance stages with a customised perspective. 

 ChatBot Solutions for Call Centers 

 Location Based ChatBot Solutions

 Campaign Management ChatBot Solutions

"Domino Solutions" is a native application platform; connected to various ERP and CRM softwares, allowing you to manage all your workflows over a single mobile screen. You can easily perform the approval and delegation procedures of all your business processes with a unique user experience over the same application. 

We provide a ready-to-use Solution Pack Platform offering more than 10 fully integrated multi-tier service solutions to popular platforms such as SAP, MS Dynamics, eBA. For more information about the product please visit https://domino.solutions.